Saturday 27th June

Click on the link below and choose your time slot.

Family mini photo sessions are 15 minutes. You can choose to either have 1-2 children, a sibling or a family photo session within the 15 minute time slot. If you would like a combination of a few, for example, individual photos and a family photo you will need to book separate 15 minute time slots for these.

$50 non refundable deposit to secure your place. Balance due by 20th June 2020

1 child individual photo session - 15 minutes: $69

2 children photo session - 15 minutes: $119

Sibling photo session - 15 minutes: $129

Family photo session - 15 minutes: $159

You will receive an email confirmation for your deposit paid and a separate email from me with everything you need to know for your photo session.

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