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Gallery and Birth Slideshow below

I have always been passionate about birth since giving birth to our two beautiful children, both amazing and very different labours and births. It’s the emotions, the journey you go on to meet this little person, the feelings, the hard times, the fun times, and every moment in between. My other passion is photography, documenting life, love, light….just a moment in time, captured and remembered.


 Seeing my first birth photography images not too long ago, I knew this was it for me – it combined two of my passions, this is what I wanted to do, so I did it. The first birth I photographed was the most incredible day of my career thus far. What a privilege to be there when another life entered this world…wow!! Tears all round, I felt like the luckiest person on earth and to capture that journey, those moments perhaps forgotten, felt but not seen and those moments when you first set eyes on your new baby, the first touch, the first breath, those raw, unfiltered, emotions….it was the most wonderful gift I could give someone - having those moments to keep forever.


I would love the opportunity to chat with you more about photographing your journey, bringing your little person into the world. Your birth is your unique experience, It is one of the most life changing moments in your life and like other special occasions in our life that we photograph, the birth of your baby is one of the most special.

Details and pricing

Wairarapa Birth Photography

  • We will meet for a chat to get to know each other and go over any queries you may have. I will talk to you about the part I play on the day, how that may look and I will also have a few questions for you about your upcoming birth;

  • Being on call 24/7 from 38 weeks onwards for 4 weeks;

  • Unlimited time with you during your birth from established labour (6-7 cms dilated) until 1-2 hours after birth to capture those first cuddles with you and family, first weighing, first nappy…sooo many precious firsts!;

  • Extra support on the day should you require it;

  • At least 60 high resolution images on USB;

  • Cinematic slideshow.


Having your birth photographed will be an investment of $990, broken down into 3 equal payments.

$330 – due at time of booking. This will reserve your place for the 4 weeks surrounding your due date. This payment is non-refundable;

$330 – due at 36 weeks;

$330 – due one week after the birth of your baby.

Brand new baby session at hospital/home - $585

This is a lovely relaxed session during your stay in hospital or at home within the first 4 weeks of your birth. This is a wonderful time to include siblings, family or friends and to capture those moments when baby first meets some special people in their life, or just your family enjoying time together with your new baby.

  • 1 – 1.5 hour session at your place of birth or in the home

  • 10 high resolution images on an online gallery for you to download and share. 

  • Included in the session price is a private viewing at my studio to view your images, and I can help you with which images you would like to choose in your package as your favourites. You also have the opportunity to purchase further digital files, prints or framed prints for your wall - contact me for a full price list.



* Discounted pricing for repeat clients

* Travel includes to Masterton Hospital, and within 30 minutes of Greytown. Additional cost will apply for travel outside these areas.

* Gift certificates available - great for baby showers!


''Rebecca is subtle in her presence yet caring, offering support if wanted and produces wonderful images for you to treasure forever. It was nice to have someone else to chat to during moments of calm, wasn't intrusive and we didn't notice the camera. When we received the photos, we were both very emotional. As you are the one going through the birth you don't get to see it from the outside. So on seeing the photos you can see the emotions in faces, the moments of calm between contractions, how your baby looked and the love and relief. We get to have those wonderful emotions daily and can look at the special moments captured.  I would absolutely recommend having your birth photographed It's a beautiful experience and I loved having Rebecca there to share it with us and capture it too''.

"It was relaxing and positive, and it passed the time quickly having someone else there to chat too. It's quite incredible to be able to relive the moments through the images".

Rebecca Kempton

Award Winning Professional Photographer

Greytown, New Zealand

Phone: 06 3049354 / 021 029 00841

Birth Slideshows

   Thompson  Family Birth                                                 Wilkie Family Birth                                                       Bruce Family Birth                                    

Wairarapa Birth


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